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Election Monitoring Platform

Full election monitoring, tracking and insights platform.

GR insights you want to check, watch and engage. All digital and all in one place. Sign up now for Canada's first GR election monitoring platform. Get free preview access now.

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Latest News + Stories

Get a quick look at the most important news and stories at any given point in time. Our team curates the best sources across all publications, and summarizes and analyzes each. Our coverage evolves with the story. We update each item as new sources and details become available. Want even more? Open up the river tab to access our real-time stream of content, directly form our monitoring system.

Issues + Insights

Our election monitoring platform tracks over 30 of the most important issues of this election. Each issue area is monitored and updated by our team as new promises are made and policies released. Real-time events like breaking news stories also affect our issue tracking, so you can make sure each issue is up-to-date with the latest information whenever you need it. In addition to issues, our team produces weekly insight reports spanning each of the major parties as well as relevant topics. You get unlimited access to all briefs and insights as part of your subscription.

Candidate Database Powered by VOX

Our platform maintains the most comprehensive candidate database available. We meticulously track and update candidate information across all parties on a daily basis. You can search candidates by Party, province, riding or postal code (powered by our award-winning Vox Advocacy software). Get direct access to candidate contact information, historical electoral results, and even integrated Twitter feeds for each candidates – all directly in the platform.

Social Tracking Dashboard

Sussex has partnered with Sysomos to integrate the Election Monitoring Platform directly with the Sysomos API. This gives us real-time access to all social media mentions across parties, leaders, hashtags and topics. Our social media tracking includes 100% of the Twitter firehose, giving you complete information on how many Canadians are talking about election topics at any given time. Our daily interval tracking shows how each Party and leader are impacting the conversation, while our issue tracking will tell you which issues Canadians care about most on any given day.

Real-time Twitter Monitoring

All of Twitter. All the time. Switch over to real-time mode to monitor a series of election-related Twitter streams directly in the monitoring platform. View curated lists for Party Leaders, Party Accounts, candidates (by Party), news outlets and more. Best of all, if you are logged in to Twitter, you can like, share and retweet directly from the platform!

Poll Tracker

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Weekly Election Show

Watch a new episode of our Federal Election Show every Friday at Noon ET. Episodes are for subscribers only. Our show format builds on the overwhelming success of our Ontario election coverage last year. In addition to live weekly episodes, you can watch our complete back catalogue of episodes from the Ontario provincial and municipal elections, featuring many special guests including Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

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Dashboard Overview

24/7 Access to what you need

Forget long emails and PDF reports that clutter your inbox. Our GR dashboard gives you instant access to up-to-date content anytime from anyplace. Track issues and see how they evolve over time. Go back through the weeks and see how the election has changed, and get access to critical GR and advocacy data like candidate and event info, when you need it.

Full Desktop GR Dashboard

A beautiful and intuitive full desktop interface makes it easy for you to visualize and navigate reports and information.

Mobile App for iPhone

Our mobile app for iPhone makes it easy for you to glance current week information and watch our weekly election show.

Real-time Notifications

Receive occasional email updates and iPhone notifications when new content is published to the platform.

Weekly Show + Insights

Our Expert Team Has You Covered

Your subscription gives you access to our weekly Election Show, access to posts from our internal Sussex Slack channel, and dozens of weekly articles by policy experts and strategists across the entire Sussex team.

Updated Issue Briefs

We're tracking all key issues and updating briefs on a daily basis so that you don't need to sift through the news to get the latest takes, promises and platform committments.

Round-ups and Insights

Weekly insights and round-up articles will keep you up-to-date on what each party is doing and how it plays into broader election strategies.

Daily Leader Agendas

Know where each leader is spending their time and what events you can access. Our tour heat maps will make it easy for you to see where each leader is focusing their efforts so you can match them with your strategy.

Complete Feature List

What's Included

Our platform is designed to provide the most-requested GR information from clients. Unlock the most data and save thousands of dollars in consulting fees by switching to our subscription model.

Top Story Aggregation

We don't break news, we curate it. Instantly get access to the best coverage and insights on stories, all in one place.

Issue Briefs

Our issue briefs are updated on a daily basis so they reflect the positions and promises of each party as the election progresses.

Platform Analysis

Easily access party platforms with our expert analyses side-by-side. We will also round-up platforms from third-party groups.

Candidate + Events Lookup

Quickly access local candidate contact information by province, region and postal code. Receive updates as new candidates are nominated.

Daily Agenda + Leader Tracking

See where each leader is spending their day, highlights from the day's events and heat maps tracking where they are spending the most time.

Social Media Tracking

Track the social media conversation including leader/party popularity, sentiment, trending election topics and top-influencers without spending thousands on monitoring software.

Poll Tracking

Quickly access every public poll and track polling trends from one place. One click access to poll reports + our insights on key polls.

Live Chat + Insights

Access our private chat and get access to analyses from the entire Sussex GR team over the course of the election.

Weekly Election Show

Watch full-episodes of our weekly election show with special guests including journalists, pollsters, politicians and industry advocates.

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